Be  Well Visits

Annual Well Woman Visit

These are recommended to maintain your health. 

At Be Well, we know your time is precious so we make sure your check up is valuable. In order to maximize the value of your annual check ups, we provide a guide. Please follow the link below for more details and bring the requested information to your appointment.

My First Gynecology Visit

This visit is recommended for girls 13 to 18. Keep in mind that not one size fits all when it comes to health needs for teens. Most initial teen visits do not require pelvic exams but are critical to lay the foundation for a lifetime of wellness! Follow the link for more information and also fill out the Patient Health Report to bring to your appointment. 

A Problem Visit 

These are visits to address a health concern. Trouble with your cycle, stubborn irritation, breast issues, whatever it is, it's no problem, we can fit you in! If you are new to our practice, be sure to fill out the Patient Health Report and fax us your records before your visit!

Patient Health Report Form